Easter was amazing!

At Turning Point Church in Burleson, Texas.

The back light is everything.

Since the weeks before Easter, commissions and bookings have amped up. Turning Point had 3 services on Easter morning. The first two went off without a hitched but I was not 100% sold on what I was doing. The concept was awesome! I was painting to about 4 minutes of one song on a 7′x7′ sheet. The church wanted me to paint a Christ on the cross because they had it back lit at the end of the song with a live Jesus moving on the cross. The problem was it seemed the painting conflicted with the movement when it was back lit. I pitched a different concept for the final service. My new idea was to paint a silhouette of Christ face instead of the cross. This approach took the presentation to another level because the face complimented the actor instead distracting from it.


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