Brad Ball has been an artist his whole life, and it shows. As a child, Brad colored and drew like most kids but during his junior high and high school years he was a part of a “select” group of art students. After high school, Brad attended Texas Wesleyan University and received a Bachelor of Arts in painting and drawing.


Most of his works are religious-themed, and many still grace the walls of his home. His style is best described as realism with a touch of the impressionist but his “on stage” style can vary depending on the service. Since each service or event can be different, Brad concepts imagery to work with each individual situation. Every piece of art is unique even though themes can be similar from event to event.


As well as being an artist, Brad is Owner of Ardent Creative, Inc. Ardent Creative is an advertising agency specializing in graphic design, variable data, video, web and search engine optimization for small and large businesses. Check out their website at