Impact – Gateway Pink Impact 2013

What can I say. Last week was an amazing week at the Pink Women’s conference. The people, music and experience was second to none. For a glimpse into my part, watch this video.

Women of Faith – Denver

This past weekend I had the privilege of painting in front of 8,000 women at Women of Faith in Denver, CO. Women of Faith wanted an image of Christ the was more comforting and loving. My typically style is more expressive, so I did my best to make the face direct but not portraying the death of Christ.

Music was provided by Hyman Stansky.



We’ve Updated… Check out the new site!

It has been years coming but we have finally updated the site.

A site with better photos and information.
It took a lot of time trying to figure out what the best options were for the new website. Who doesn’t want better photos and information about the art being posted?

Easter was amazing!

At Turning Point Church in Burleson, Texas.

The back light is everything.

Since the weeks before Easter, commissions and bookings have amped up. Turning Point had 3 services on Easter morning. The first two went off without a hitched but I was not 100% sold on what I was doing. The concept was awesome! I was painting to about 4 minutes of one song on a 7′x7′ sheet. The church wanted me to paint a Christ on the cross because they had it back lit at the end of the song with a live Jesus moving on the cross. The problem was it seemed the painting conflicted with the movement when it was back lit. I pitched a different concept for the final service. My new idea was to paint a silhouette of Christ face instead of the cross. This approach took the presentation to another level because the face complimented the actor instead distracting from it.


B2 Happenings

Several events and commissions coming.

Busy is a good thing.

Easter is around the corner and I will be at Turning Point Church in Burleson, Texas. A couple of camps I am excited about this summer: Encounter God’s Presence on June 21 and KCU Summer in the Son – June 8-12, 2012. Once again I will be teaching workshops and painting on specific nights KCU.

I have also been in the studio. A few of the latest projects include a golf painting (#14 at Harbor Town), a flower (below) for Bethesda Christian School, a sacrifice for the world (lamb face with the world) and a tree painting.

On top of that I have two benefit auctions where I will be painting and the organization will auction them off that night. The first is for the Mid Cities SOS Peppers and Piñatas and the second will be with Covenant Christian Academy.

Easter Painting

I will be painting at Turning Point Church in Burleson on Easter sunday (Garden Acres and I-35). Services are 9 and 11 a.m.