• Joy and Love

Joy and Love

This is one of the most enjoyable paintings Brad has ever had the privilege to do. It all starts with the March of Dimes and Brad’s family. In August 2008, Brad’s wife had twins at 30 weeks. Thanks to the work of March of Dimes and the wonderful NICU personnel, the twins were never in any real trouble. As Brad puts it they had to “cook a little longer.”

Every year the March of Dimes has a Signature Chef event where many local chefs prepare amazing dishes and auction off parties to help raise money to help families like Brad’s. Brad had the idea to get a bunch of kids together to start a painting and he would take what they did and make into an amazing piece of art. This piece is the culmination of the kids work.

The painting is titled Joy and “Love” because it was a joyful event. The “Love” stems from Iron Chef Tim Love who has twins that contributed to the art and owns the piece today.

48″x60″ | Acrylic

Client: March of Dimes Skills: Studio